Balcony TV: Music Sessions

Finally! I’ve been working on a new music series for London Live for the last six months, and it’s now hit the telly. It’s an adaption of Balcony TV which … Continue reading

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My 2013 in video

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Oh, we’ve stopped saying that? 18 DAYS AGO?!? Well, I like to be behind the beat. Whatever that means. I’m making this up now.. I thought it’d … Continue reading

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Hey Ya – It’s a Christmas party.

You might remember from a blog a while back that I went into a talent agency looking for representation, and left with a part time role as Head Of Development. … Continue reading

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HARK! Episode 1 of Brilliant Britain is now online

In this magazine show, I’m discovering the best that the Isle Of Wight has to offer. It seems to be garlic beer, kayaking and a eccentricity around boilers.

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Top 5: Stuff in Venice

I’ve just returned from a week in Venice. The canals didn’t pong as much as I remembered (my first time was on a school trip as a nerdy GCSE Italian … Continue reading

July 16, 2013 · 2 Comments

Agent surprise for a warbling presenter

As always, the life of a presenter is up and down. Even left to right depending how much you drink. After getting into a bit of Twitter banter, I was … Continue reading

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Let’s play I Never with SD Jem.

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