Getting social over Social Music with Jon Batiste.


I’m about to meet Jon Batiste, the ‘harmonium man himself’. Our interview has been pushed back thirty minutes (he’s flying in from Spain for one night) and so with the extra time, I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting to start writing the interview… Now? Im exhausted by the anticipation. Part of me once it to be over and done with so that I can enjoy the recent memory with my feet up and without clammy palms.

This is the most excited and nervous I’ve been for an interview in a little while, but I only discovered Jon’s music 4 months ago. It was at ronnie Scott’s as they performed a late late show. I headed there an after party for the London Live launch. With the marketing guys, and a flurry of presenters including Zane Lowe and my co-host Louise houghton, we stumbled into Ronnie’s without knowing who’d be on. To my absolute delight, the set was alight. Jon and his Stay Human band weaved between the tables in this formal venue, playing their jazzed up rendition of Favourite Things. I found myself moved physically, and after just a few songs, the whole room was stood up, dancing, on the floor and on chairs. I was even carried onto the stage by the band to play percussion after one of them saw me using a glass bottle as a drum. Needless to say, it was a fucking awesome night. And well worth thentuesday morning hangover.

Will he be bubbly? Smooth? I’m just describing chocolate bars now. But what I do know, is that when I go to meet him at his hotel in 40 minutes, I won’t be able to control my excitement and will probably ask him ten questions at one which will come out of my mouth as something like, “ohduenvis jihadis uses ism jazz?”.


3 days later. I met an extraordinarily talented man, who perhaps is getting irritated by his enthusiasm in that he can’t channel it quite enough into his every day routine. However, he was high on life. Curious? Listen to my interview on a Hoxton Radio, this Monday from 10am.


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